TEC Special Workholding

Thame Workholding has over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing workholding equipment to suit many different special applications.

Our services include fitting, prove-out and servicing of the equipment that we supply. We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company with the scope to design, manufacture, assemble, supply and maintain workholding equipment.

Rotating workholding for lathes includes jaws, chucks, mandrels, fixtures, tailstocks and steadies, whilst prismatic workholding for machining centres includes pneumatic, hydraulic, manual or vacuum fixtures.


In house Design
In a perfect situation all applications would be covered by standard chucks and jaws, in reality to get the best performance or because it is technically impossible to hold the workpiece with standard products it is often necessary to use specifically designed chucks and jaws. This is where Thame ask you to let our specialist design engineers look at your problem and offer the optimum chuck and jaw solution. We will analyse your equipment and manufacturing operations to develop a specific recommendation to suit your workpiece.


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