TEC MultiRange


Enhance your 3 and 4 axis capability with a MultiRad unit. Designed specifically to enable 5-sided machining on a 3-axis machine tool. Ideal for prototyping and small batch work where 4th and 5th axis machine tools are not financially viable. Use with MultiRise to achieve infinite possibilities.


  • easily create 5-sided machining on a 3-axis machine
  • use as standard 90° angle block to take 52 centred vices and fixtures.
  • adjust to any angle between 0° and 90°, reposition the vice/chuck through each 90 degree quadrant to achieve the desired position
  • enhance positional capability using the digital inclinometer, accurate to + 0.1°
  • eliminates the need for a sine table
  • can be clamped directly to the machine table or used with 52 centred SOLIDPoint or Lang style zero-point plates
  • use with MultiRise to achieve even further positioning
  • use 2 MultiRad units together for the ultimate in 5 axis positioning on a 3-axis machine
  • compact lightweight aluminium and steel construction


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