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A specifically designed device used to bore, turn or grind jaws accurately under clamping pressure on power chucks. The Trueborer is infinitely adjustable within its specified clamping range, allowing fine adjustment for minimal skimming of jaws, which can also be through bored in one operation resulting in better T.I.R. of parts. It is available in three sizes covering chucks from 125mm to 600mm diameter.

The accurate and quickest way to machine your soft jaws

Downloadable PDF: Trueborer

Serration Cleaning Plate

  • A simple way to keep serrated top jaws precise.
  • Allows quick and easy cleaning and deburring of serrated chuck jaws
  • Improved accuracy of mounting to base jaws
  • Extends working life and precision of the top jaws
  • Keeps jaw serrations in best condition
  • Different serration types on both sides of plate

Downloadable PDF: Serration Cleaning Plate

Powerpull Bar Puller

The Powerpull Bar Puller is for use on CNC or automatic lathes with an interchangeable tool turret.

  • Two body sizes
  • Bar capacity 6-90mm
  • Adjustable gripping pressure
  • Robust construction
  • Unit supplied with one pair reversible gripping jaws
  • Choice of plain or VDI shank

Downloadable PDF: Powerpull Bar Puller

Replaceable Gripper Inserts

  • A wide choice of gripper inserts
  • Carbide or hardened tool steel
  • Ideal for chuck jaws or clamping fixtures.

Downloadable PDF: Replaceable Gripper Inserts


  • Five axis positioning
  • Quick set-up time
  • Accurate repetitive positioning
  • Very stable
  • Easy to mount
  • Three sizes
  • Competitive price

Downloadable PDF: Workstop

Clean Tec

The Clean Tec Fan is for use in enclosed CNC machining centres. It is easily mounted in a conventional toolholder and programmed to feed at approx. 3-10m/min and not closer than 150mm above the work piece. Clean Tec will clean the surface and pockets of the part, automatically rationalising the cleaning process so that manufacturing time is constant and the environment is cleaner and safer for the operator.

  • Automatic cleaning
  • Rinses holes and pockets
  • Blows away chips
  • Fits standard 20mm Ø Toolholder
  • Ideal for in-process probing
  • Robust construction

Downloadable PDF: Clean Tec

Chuck Grease

Power chucks needed to be greased on a regular basis to keep the mechanical operation of the chuck effective. Chucks that are not greased run the risk of having less clamping force and therefore allowing the work piece to slip or even fly out of the chuck. Thame Workholding stock and sell grease especially formulated for use in power chucks. It is available in either 5kilo containers or 12oz cartridges. Grease guns to apply the grease are also available.

Downloadable PDF: Chuck Grease

Work piece Height Pins

Workpiece height pins are for use with our adjustagrip hard jaws or special jaws and fixtures requiring a work piece height location.

Downloadable PDF: Workpiece Height Pins

Vario·Tec Vice Jaws

Minimizing set-up time Vario·Tec, with movable pins, holds the work piece in the correct position in the vice. The Vario·Tec jaws can be adapted to many popular vices.

Downloadable PDF: Vario-Tec Vice Jaws